We Made a Video

Right at this moment I am a member of four active bands. Upon reflection, I do not think that participating in this number of bands is odd or excessive. Each band is very different, and while I play guitar in all of these bands, my contribution is specific to each collective. From a time commitment perspective, it is all rather easy since as I often half-jokingly respond when questioned; I play music every day, so it may as well be with other people.


The reality is that only two of the bands have a regular weekly rehearsal schedule. In the punk rock machine, the other three members all live in Munich, Germany resulting in playing, writing, recording, rehearsing, and gigging when we are all on the same continent, which is about four times a year. This seemingly untenable schedule works remarkably well. Doping the Void has been active since 2008 and we have become a tightly efficient, drama free, Underberg fueled noise brotherhood. Each member just sort of naturally does his part as dictated by the laws of intra-band evolution and punk rock tunes emerge.

My most active band is a Chicago based routinely rehearsing, continuously writing and regularly gigging entity known as an Asian film. This band started out with me on guitar and a bassist with whom I had been playing in a cover band. We quickly added a drummer. Then we added a guitarist who sometimes showed up and usually did not know how to play any of the songs. Then the bassist passively quit by providing excuses for not being able to play for months at a time. The drummer and I toyed with the idea of forging ahead as a two-piece. Then we tried Craig’s List. After a couple of attempts we ended up with a bass guy who played a lot of notes. Then the other guitar player moved away. Usual band gestation stuff.


We did a few shows and it was fine. Nothing remarkable, but fun enough. For one gig, we decided to add a rapper to the mix for a few tunes and it was a revelation; at least for me. A true front man with gobs of energy and mad rhymin’ skillz. We dutifully rented a van and went out for a short run of shows as a rock band with a rapper grafted on to the front. The shows went decently well overall, but it became blue skies clear that one of the puzzle pieces was from a different board game. After returning, we deliberately became a three piece; back to me plus the drummer and a hip hop star. It only took two years to figure out that this line-up was the natural state of this band in this multiverse.

A few months ago, we shot a video for our song Wheaties. The concept is exactly what you see. We go bowling. Furries are at the alley. We drink with them. The drummer gets into a fight with a particularly large Furry. We run away. Classic stuff really since everyone knows that drummers are problematic. Despite the stereotypes that you may have seen on TV about Furries, they were all awesome and really fun to shoot this video with. People who dress up like animals to go bowling and have fun. How could one not see the good time to be had? They were way cooler than many musicians I have known.

I really want to play at a big Furry Convention. Now that would be a gig. FurFest; contact us!